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As ever, we are dependent on our theatre volunteers who kindly assist and support the theatre staff with the running and promotion of the theatre. It is an ideal opportunity to learn technical theatre, promotion and box office skills.   If you would like to become a volunteer please email us at: boxoffice@robertludlamtheatre.com


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Adopt a Seat


The lovely theatre seating is now 15 years old and needs all of its seats reupholstering. The tier was bought with funds from a grant; unfortunately no such grants exist to help us with its upkeep.


Please consider donating when you purchase tickets toward the seating restoration fund.


Robert Ludlam Theatre

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Centre Stage Theatre Arts



Centre Stage Theatre Arts has been running since 1995. Every member of staff is dedicated to developing students talent in Dance, Drama, Singing & Speech. Using these disciplines we have helped hundreds of students develop teamwork skills and increase their confidence.

Whether you / your child is looking to make a career in Performing Arts, or simply wishes to keep this as a hobby, Centre Stage is for you. The skills taught are skills for life which can be used not only on stage, but in the world of work too.


An Introduction from the Principal


Centre Stage Theatre Arts offers the ‘triple threat’ needed in the Performing Arts industry: actors need to be able to dance and sing, singers need to act and dance, and so on. No matter how old our students are, or what experience they might have had, students who attend CSTA sessions are taught to combine the skills taught in each discipline, thus becoming all-round performers. We give our students many opportunities not offered by other local theatre schools, which include external full-scale musicals, plays and revues. But most importantly, whether coming to Centre Stage is just a hobby, or grounding for a career in the Performing Arts, we will help you achieve skills that you will use in everyday life. We regularly assess our students progress ensuring that the training they are receiving is the right training for them; with dedication and commitment from the student, and a strong support network by the staff, the possibilities are endless.


Centre Stage Theatre Arts Website